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Congratulations to Philipp Preuss, director and member of the Artistic Direction at Theater an der Ruhr, for being invited to the Berlin Theatertreffen 2023 with his "Hamlet" production at the Anhaltisches Theater in Dessau. The work is thus one of the ten most remarkable productions of the season!


In addition to the director, the work of an entire team that is also formative for many productions at the Theater an der Ruhr is thus honoured: congratulations to Sara Ramallah Aubrecht (stage), Eva Karobath (costumes), Konny Keller (video), Kornelius Heidebrecht (music)!


Our co-production with Anagoor "Germania. Römischer Komplex" was among the 33 shortlisted productions for this year's Theatertreffen. We are very happy about this recognition!


Also shortlisted was "Sistas!" by the theatre collective Glossy Pain from Berlin. Katharina Stoll, who co-directed "Sistas!", is currently directing "Woyzeck" at the Theater an der Ruhr - premiere is on 3 February!



Next activities:
Fri 3.2. 19:30
Junges Theater

Adapted from Georg Büchner - An overwriting by Glossy Pain

Sat 4.2. 20:00

Klanglandschaft Kurdistan


Sun 5.2. 18:00

Ruhr Record // Außen Fuji Tag
Rainer Komers und Filmbüro NW

Tue 7.2. 19:30
Junges Theater

Adapted from Georg Büchner - An overwriting by Glossy Pain

Junges Theater


Premiere: 03. February 19:30 Uhr


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The feeling of one's own helplessness cannot be denied, apart from the organization of material aid through donations, hardly any options for action can be identified at present that could actually improve the situation for the people or ensure peace. In this respect, we call for donations for the Ukrainian people (for example, at the Emergency Aid Ukraine), the financial aid will directly benefit primarily refugees.


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1980 — 2022

Theater an der Ruhr was founded in 1980 as an alternative model, an ensemble theater of a new type.

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