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I‘m Your Man

Drama, concert and performance.

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Today 19:30
Digital stage

Junges Theater

An interaktives Live-Voting on zoom

Sat 8.10. 16:00

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Sun 9.10. 18:00
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Ein Mensch wie ihr

Nach "Fatzer" von Bertolt Brecht

Ein vielstimmiger Parcours in Kriegszeiten: Theater, Tanz, Geschichten, Fest


Next activity on Fri 14.10.

Tickets are available from € 8,- according to the "pay what you can principle"

Lyriks ... von Unendlichkeit umarmt (UA) - subbotnik

Junges Theater

Lyriks … von Unendlichkeit umarmt (UA)


Next activity on Wed 19.10.


Akazienallee 61
45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Raffelberg or Solbad

Theater box office

Tel: 0208 599 01 88
Mon-Fri: 10 am - 6 pm
Sat: 11-15 h

The box office opens one hour before the performance.

Anatomie eines Wortes /
Der Ritt über den Bodensee

Anza Pamber, Peter Handke

Premiere: 02.09.2022

War in Europe

The feeling of one's own helplessness cannot be denied, apart from the organization of material aid through donations, hardly any options for action can be identified at present that could actually improve the situation for the people or ensure peace. In this respect, we call for donations for the Ukrainian people (for example, at the Emergency Aid Ukraine), the financial aid will directly benefit primarily refugees.

1980 — 2022
1980 — 2022

Theater an der Ruhr was founded in 1980 as an alternative model, an ensemble theater of a new type.

Begriff und Wesen des Luxus
Money • Texts

Werner Sombart, in: Love, Luxury and Capitalism. On the Emergence of the Modern World from the Spirit of Prodigality.

PDF • 6,13KB
The Ciulli-Syndrom
Theater an der Ruhr • Interviews

Hans Herdlein

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unterwegs: Oktober
Germania. Römischer Komplex (UA)

27. Octobre - Theater Landsberg

Your visit to the theater and Corona

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