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Everything will change!

In the coming weeks, six repertory performances will be shown for the last time at the Theater an der Ruhr.
For this we have come up with a special promotion for you.

Next activities:
Today 19:30
Sat 15.4. 16:00

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Sat 15.4. 19:30
Collective Ma´louba


Author: Mudar Alhaggi / Director: Omar Elerian

Sun 16.4. 16:00

Film screening "16 Women" by Bahar Ebrahim and talk with the director

More free entrance

Introduction Woyzeck

Director Katharina Stoll in conversation with dramaturge Constanze Fröhlich.

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Earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

The guest performance as part of the Istanbul scene by the Talimhane Theatre All the Beautiful has unfortunately had to be cancelled, as the artists - more than understandably - do not feel able to give a guest performance at the moment in view of the earthquake and its terrible consequences. Since the Theater an der Ruhr wanted to host this as a benefit event, we hope to be able to make up for it on 30 March with the performance Istirap Korusu// Choir of Fear by the BAM Theatre from Istanbul. All proceeds will be directed to a donation account.

Our thoughts and wishes are with the families and relatives of the victims and injured as well as the helpers.

Here you can also find a list of aid organizations that accept donations.


unterwegs: April/Mai
Lyriks...von Unendlichkeit umarmt (UA)

25. & 26. April im Theater an der Parkaue


03. & 04. Mai im Theaterforum Gauting

Up there (UA)

10. Mai im Theaterhaus Jena

War in Europe

The feeling of one's own helplessness cannot be denied, apart from the organization of material aid through donations, hardly any options for action can be identified at present that could actually improve the situation for the people or ensure peace. In this respect, we call for donations for the Ukrainian people (for example, at the Emergency Aid Ukraine), the financial aid will directly benefit primarily refugees.


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1980 — 2022
1980 — 2022

Theater an der Ruhr was founded in 1980 as an alternative model, an ensemble theater of a new type.

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Werner Sombart, in: Love, Luxury and Capitalism. On the Emergence of the Modern World from the Spirit of Prodigality.

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