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Collective Ma´louba


The Long Shadow of Alois Brunner

Mudar Alhaggi

Co-production by Collective Ma'louba and the Theater an der Ruhr

Premiere: 03.12.23

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Mit dem Ensemble PART > ARENA 3 / KLINGS KLANG

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Sun 3.12. 15:00

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Sun 3.12. 18:00
Collective Ma´louba


Mudar Alhaggi

Co-production by Collective Ma'louba and the Theater an der Ruhr

Wed 6.12. 11:00 In the Volxbühne
Junges Theater

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Christmas at Theater an der Ruhr

Our program for children and adults

from 01.12. to 26.12.

Trailer for RAUSCH 2

a short review

Voices of RAUSCH 1

"A theater reinvents itself [...] with a pounding, upbeat live music, an outstanding ensemble, a rousing reinterpretation of the ancient drama" WELT am Sonntag

"[...] So the Mülheim management team dares to do something, there has probably never been a play like this before." Welt am Sonntag

"A strong evening with an ensemble that not only gives a huge performance physically, but also - which is becoming increasingly rare - can really do a lot with the texts, finding intermediate tones and credibility in the frenzy. "Theater der Zeit   

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Programm Rausch 2
Rausch • Texts

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Everything different
One season — three islands of theater

Theater an der Ruhr will be inviting audiences to three concentrated theatrical events under the heading of one theme.

In frenzy

The season 23/24 explores all mental states - from euphoric to destructive - in which the boundaries of the ego become blurred and one "forgets oneself".


Akazienallee 61
45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Raffelberg or Solbad

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1980 — 2023
1980 — 2023

Theater an der Ruhr was founded in 1980 as an alternative model, an ensemble theater of a new type.

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