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Klaus Herzog

is an actor and was born in Stuttgart in 1956.

In order to finance his studies in art history, he joined the Mainz Ballet as a dancer in 1976/77, became a founding member of the Bonn experimental troupe MAGIC BOX CARAVAN with its own theater in 1978, took singing and acting lessons (with Wolfgang Reichmann, Alexander May and many others) and, after a first solo song recital in 1982/83, left the capital at the invitation of a US specialist in Hamburg for a year of further training. From there he got to know the city and state theaters from Flensburg to Munich as an "all-rounder" in the 80s, in musicals, plays, operettas or even in another big role as a countertenor in the world premiere of H. W. Henze's nuclear power farce "Der heiße Ofen" at the Kassel Theater. In 1988 he fell in love with the "Mülheimer" in "Der kroatische Faust", became a faithful lover whenever possible. In 1992 Roberto Ciulli saw him as the King in "The King and I" and finally engaged him for "Macbeth". With him and the Theater an der Ruhr, he has since gotten to know the world and found - also artistically - a new home again and again.