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Alina Heipe

is an actress and was born in Helmstedt in 1995.

She gained stage experience early on and, at the age of sixteen, received an acting scholarship from the proskenion foundation to accompany her schooling, from which she was awarded the Young Talent Promotion Prize for Performing Arts in 2018. She completed her acting studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy in Leipzig, where she was part of the ensemble at Schauspiel Leipzig for two years as part of the studio. After graduating, she joined the ensemble there and worked with Anita Vulesica, Armin Petras, Lucia Bihler, Bruno Cathomas, Nuran David Callis and Philipp Preuss, among others.

A freelance actor since 2022, Alina continues to guest star at Schauspiel Leipzig in THE VISIT OF THE OLD LADY (directed by Nuran David Calis) and most recently appeared at Schauspiel Köln in THE TROERINNES (directed by Lucia Bihler). She is also increasingly working for film and television. DIE BAKCHEN (director: Philipp Preuss) is her first production at Theater an der Ruhr.