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Volker Roos ✝

was an actor, born on 09.01.1944 in Kleve, died 2022.

In addition to his studies in education, he took private acting lessons with Dorothea Constanz. He passed his acting "maturity" exam in Stuttgart in 1967 and immediately received engagements in Tübingen and Krefeld.  From 1972 he acted at the Bühnen der Stadt Köln, and from 1976 worked almost exclusively with Roberto Ciulli. From 1979 to 1981 he went to the Düsseldorf Schauspielhaus with Roberto Ciulli and was one of the founding members of the Theater an der Ruhr in 1981.

He has appeared in many roles including:

ANTIGONE Creon - DANTONS TOD Georg Danton - DAS WINTERMÄRCHEN Der Alte Leontes - DER HOFMEISTER Wenzeslaus. A Schoolmaster - THE BUYER OF VENICE Antonio - THE THREE ROSES OPERA The Spelunken Jenny - THE HOUR OF AMERICA Moe Baum - THE WUPPER - A PERFORMANCE Grandfather Wallbrecker - DONA ROSITA OR THE LANGUAGE OF THE FLOWERS Don Martin - FASSBINDER Fricke's Father, Mr. Müller, The Teacher - IMMER NOCH STURM Me - KASPAR 3. KÖNIG LEAR Lear, König von Britannien - LIEBESKONZIL Gott-Vater - MINNA VON BARNHELM Just - MONSIEUR CHASSE ODER WIE MAN HASEN JAGT Madame Latour - VERRÜCKT Vincenzo Schiattarelli, Schauspieler - WAS IHR WOLLT Narr - SIRENGESANG Stimme des Autors - TREPPE NACH OBEN Mr. Gum, Mr. E - WOYZECK EIN MUSIKALISCHER FALL Grandmother - KAOS - TRUSTED Count Carlo Tolentano 

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