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One season - three islands of theater

We are opening a new chapter in the forty-year history of the Theater an der Ruhr - and continuing this history, under the sign of radical change. Since the season 23/24, the Theater an der Ruhr invites audiences to three concentrated theatrical events under the heading of a theme that will shape the entire season: In doing so, the theater is treading a completely new, radical path in Germany's theatrical landscape.

All new productions will be shown in these condensed "theatre islands". Over the course of four weeks in the summer 2024, as well as in early sringtime and summer of 2025, we invite you to these theater sessions, each of which comprises a unique program: In addition to the central theater productions, the audience can expect a theme-specific supporting program of workshops, concerts, art installations, readings, lectures. Discourses and discussions with experts, films and readings encourage the audience to think and participate.

These three theater sessions are concentrated but playful assemblages of artistic work and social exchange. They are intended to bring us into contact with each other and to re-locate the house in the social fabric as a collective space for thought and encounter. Together with you, we would like to explore which deeper phenomena, formative forces and longings penetrate to the surface of our togetherness.

One season - one overarching theme

We understand theater as an inquisitive, interdisciplinary exchange and as artistic and social in-depth research. The focus for this is created by an overarching theme for the season, which relates our three theatre blocks to each other. The various artistic voices of our house with their different approaches, working methods and positions approach this theme and make it the subject of a multi-layered aesthetic exploration.

After the summer vacations, there will be an open-air festival lasting several weeks from 23 August 2024, with two premieres as well as concerts, workshops, discourses and many other exciting program items.