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Actively promote and experience culture

  • Discounts for targeted actions and events
  • Invitations to rehearsals, talks, workshops
  • Sending schedules, promotions and advance announcements
  • Meeting with international artists
  • Annual general meeting
  • Advertising bonuses for recruiting new members
  • Gordana Kosanović Actor Award Presentation

Association for the promotion of the Theater an der Ruhr e.V.

The Association for the Promotion of the Theater an der Ruhr e.V., based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, was founded back in 1986. The association has set itself the task of supporting the Theater an der Ruhr in its efforts to promote an international spirit, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding by supporting theater life both in the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr and internationally.

In addition, the sponsoring association pursues the goal of opening the Theater an der Ruhr, which in its structure, conception and philosophy is a unique example to this day and has written theater history both nationally and internationally, to a broader audience. To this end, the association is particularly concerned with promoting theater work with young people. This is intended to awaken and perpetuate curiosity for theater among young people.

Since its foundation, the association has also initiated a number of different activities. In addition to awarding the Gordana Kosanović Acting Prize, the association organizes numerous activities in collaboration with the ensemble, such as most recently various activities on the discourse of sustainability and art as part of the Mülheimer Müllviecher project.

The "Klassenkasse", sponsored by the Förderverein of the Theater an der Ruhr, covers the costs of a theater visit for financially disadvantaged children and young people. Contact us.

Become a member

As a member of the Verein zur Förderung des Theater an der Ruhr e.V., your tax-deductible contributions not only support the implementation of artistic and socio-cultural projects, but also ensure the continued existence of the Theater an der Ruhr as an important part of Mülheim's cultural landscape and as an instrument of international cultural promotion.

The annual membership fee is

50€   single membership
60€   family membership
150€  corporate membership
1€    annual membership fee for youth and young adults from 16 to 25 years old


foerderverein [​at​] theater-an-der-ruhr.de
Peter Schnatmann, 1st Chairman, T 0208 477 932
Karl-Georg Spanke, 2nd Chairman, T 0208 424 001

Theater an der Ruhr
Lina Prasch
T 0208 599 01 11
lina.prasch [​at​] theater-an-der-ruhr.de