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Geheimnis 1

Last season, the Theater an der Ruhr took a new approach to scheduling by concentrating on three concentrated, multi-week theater events per season - beyond the usual repertoire and ensuite play schedule. We are very happy that so many people have shown interest in our interdisciplinary “theater islands” on the theme of RAUSCH. We want to continue along this path with the next three theater islands on the theme of SECRET.


GEHEIMNIS 1 starts on August 23 in Raffelbergpark

From August 23 to September 14, the Theater an der Ruhr invites you to the first theme island, building on the successful concept of RAUSCH 1. Two productions are on the program for the four long weekends: Alexander Klessinger and Mats Süthoff are staging the mystery play par excellence for the open-air stage with “Oedipus” based on Sophocles: the Sphinx's mysterious question “What is man?” forms the leitmotif of this production, which places an expressive play of masks at its center. In contrast, the production “Bock” (directed by Katharina Stoll), based on Katja Lewina's book of the same name, looks under the covers and into people's heads: it deals with the humorous and critical questioning of male ideas of sexuality, thus making the supposedly private significant against the backdrop of current socio-political trends.

In addition, art projects (for the first time in collaboration with the Academy of Media Arts Cologne), workshops and family events as well as various discussion formats related to the productions offer the audience the opportunity to get to the bottom of the SECRET.

Between the three SECRET explorations, we will remain in theatrical operation: a new production of Kleist's “Der zerbrochne Krug” (director: Philipp Preuss) will contribute to the SECRET theme from November 2024, as will our discussion series “Parole Transparenz” (concept & moderator Ralph Hammerthaler), which will run throughout the entire season. Guest performances as part of Szene Istanbul or the new play by Collective Ma'louba are still on the program as well as the popular audience format “Café Wake Cup” or a new children's play directed by subbotnik.

Advanced booking starts: 08. July 24