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Weiße Nächte Retour Natur

Last year we dared to experiment and extended the "Weiße Nächte" to a three-week thematic festival. The public's response was so impressive that we decided to celebrate a big festival of art and nature in Raffelbergpark for the opening of the 2022/23 season. Once again, the leitmotif is Retour Natur and determines the themes of our multi-perspective festival: theatre, concerts, performances, audio walks, discourses, partys, visual arts. Climate change seems to have receded into the background against the backdrop of the now hopefully abating pandemic and the oppressive events in Ukraine and their consequences. But the relationship between man and nature will nevertheless determine the future ahead of us. This year, from 19 August to 04 September, we will focus on the complex relationship between animals and humans. How can we succeed in living and surviving on an equal footing with all the creatures of a wonderfully diverse world, which can itself be understood as a holistic being, interconnected across all species?!

At the centre are two premieres: Henrik Ibsen's "Die Frau vom Meer" in the production by Philipp Preuss, the stage will float on pontoons on the small lake of Raffelbergpark. The second premiere, "Anatomie eines Wortes - Ritt über den Bodensee",directed by Simone Thoma, combines different genres such as film, modern fairytale opera and drama.

We are happy that we were able to win Martin Kohlstedt, also an internationally acclaimed composer, pianist and electronic experimenter, once again to curate the concert programme. Already in 2021, the musicians he selected showed a special relationship between music, people and nature.

Helmut Schäfer will set out on audio walks in the park with experts and explore the relationship between humans and animals from very different perspectives; interventions by our actors and other performances will playfully expand this view, as will discourses and the "Animal Mirrors" exhibition curated by Philipp Preuss. On Sunday 28 August, the family day will take place from 2 p.m. with, among other things, a fairy tale and a nature workshop on the habitat "forest". And don't forget: The litterbugs are on the loose!

Last year, an entrance fee was introduced for the first time based on the principle of "pay what you can" in order to help finance the diverse, extended offer of this extraordinary event and at the same time enable broad participation. Admission remains free for people who receive benefits under the basic income support scheme! -From € 8.50, the price can be determined by the individual. Of course, it is important for the theatre that as many visitors as possible choose the normal price of € 25 for a day ticket or even a higher amount out of solidarity.

We would like to thank all our patrons and supporters, without whom this programme would not have been possible on this scale and at these prices!

We are celebrating a festival of art against the "un-spirit" of the times: exuberant and thoughtful at the same time! We look forward to seeing you and yours!

Sven Schlötcke, Philipp Preuss and Helmut Schäfer for the Theater an der Ruhr