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Laboratories & Workshops

We offer you various labs and workshops in which you can playfully try yourself out on and behind the stage. While the workshops offer you the opportunity to get a taste of different areas of theater work, in the labs we work together to create a play that will be performed in front of an audience. The rehearsals of the labs take place at least once a week and include intensive rehearsal blocks. Participation is free of charge.

Vom leeren Raum zum Bühnenbild

Für 10- bis 14-Jährige
​01. & 02. April, 11-17 Uhr

Lab I

Young people between 12-16 years old can join the group every year after the summer vacations. Until the fall vacations, you can try out on stage with us and then decide whether you would like to participate in the new theater project. Rehearsals take place regularly every Thursday from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Studiobühne in the Theater an der Ruhr, Akazienallee 61, 45478 Mülheim.

Direction & Registration: Sarah Kranenpoot

Lab II

PREMIERE on May 12 at 7 p.m. / Ruhrorterstraße 108-110

"Let them hear chaos" - Performance with lyrics by Kae Tempest.

Kae Tempest's album "Let them eat chaos" is an angry call to action, against social injustice, against brutalization and political violence, for more empathy, togetherness and hope in chaos. Based on this album and other poems and songs by Kae Tempest, the youth from Lab II improvised and created a wild collage of texts and sounds. Chaos becomes audible and tells of divine, young, old, fictional and experienced stories. "The stories are there, just listen."

Directed and performed by: Julia Meschede

Assistant director: Ava Janßen

Sound design: David Eisenblätter

Performing: Jaimy - Fleur Bartholomeus, Nils Julian Fock, Konrad Gorski, Paul Masur, Fatemeh Zahra Pirhadi, Jolie Sieger, Sivashgana Sivarasa, Jan Thiel



Lab III is aimed at young adults from the age of 20.  Currently we are working together on the play "Psychosis" by Sarah Kane. We rehearse on Wednesdays from 6 to 9 pm at Ruhrorter Str. 110, Mülheim.

Direction & registration: Bernhard Deutsch

Open lab

For all from 16 years

For all who want to get to know the theater, in all its angles and facets. Pure theater air! Here you can participate in everything from joint visits to plays/conversations with theater experts to exciting acting courses and creative workshops in make-up and costume. The individual dates with topics are always announced early among the course participants. This course is open and you can join at any time.

Direction & Registration: Julia Meschede


Are you interested in our theater workshops? For current workshop dates and further information, please contact our contact persons.

Plays form the labs

Labor I: Ein (neues) Drama

A film project for the love of theater

Der Sandmann

E.T.A. Hoffmann