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Plays for young audience

In addition to the adaptation of classical material, the program also includes project developments that are based on research and focus on topics from the realities of life for young audiences. What all productions have in common is that - beyond didactic concepts - they search for forms and themes that make it possible to experience theater as a sensual, contemporary medium.

We recommend the following productions for a visit to the theater with your school class.
Please address your inquiries directly to your contact persons.



Adapted from Georg Büchner - A rewriting by Glossy Pain

Invited to Westwind 2024, one of the most renowned theater festivals for young audiences.


03. February 2023, 7:30 p.m.

Wer ist uns?

An interaktives Live-Voting on zoom


Michael Ende

School and family play for all ages 8 and up

Die Physiker

Friedrich Dürrenmatt


Jan Sobrie