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Digital stage

We will continue to critically examine questions of the medium and our relationship to the digital world. New digital projects are in development and streaming will continue to be on the schedule.

current production

Wer ist uns?

An interaktives Live-Voting on zoom

Videos of the Online-Serie "Rum Diary" nach Hunter S. Thompson

Rum Diary

Toby Stöttner

Videos of Ralph Hammerthaler´s Zeit für Zunkunft

The series "Time for the Future", conceived and moderated by the writer Ralph Hammerthaler, mainly deals with climate change issues. Since September 2019, guests from science, politics, art and activism have contributed to deepening our knowledge. Deep-sea researcher Antje Boetius drew attention to the living world in the depths of the sea, just as "Retour Natur" this time focuses on animals and endangered biodiversity. On the occasion of the festival, three more videos of events will be released for the digital stage: "The Garbage Complex", "New Building Culture" and "The Great Transformation".


Fearology- Songs of the Off