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Ensemble of Generations

The core of the VolXbühne at the Theater an der Ruhr is the 25-member Ensemble of Generations, which, under the direction of director Jörg Fürst, takes up current topics and develops its own plays or works on contemporary or even classical (theater) texts.

Open space for people of all generations

The goal of the VolXbühne as a citizens' stage for Mülheim an der Ruhr is to initiate the dialog between the generations in the city with the second oldest population even more intensively and to offer a play space for everyone - be it by participating in the weekly workshops to try themselves out, be it as an actor, prompter, driver, technician or organizer within the theater projects.
The VolXbühne as an open play space for people of all generations - theater as a medium of action and exchange!
The VolXbühne is led and accompanied by director Jörg Fürst (artistic direction), Heike Westhofen (organization and PR) and the theater technician Dirk Lohmann (technical direction).


Every Wednesday from 17:00 to 19:00, theater workshops for everyone take place under the direction of director Jörg Fürst. Previous experience is not necessary. Just drop by and join in!

Hypocrites - Solo für einen Schauspieler und einen Chor über Schein und Sein


Premiere on Fri 22.09.

Räume der Vielfalt

On Fri 29.09.

Polia - Die Stimmen der Stadt (UA)


Eine Musikperformance über den Identitätswandel unserer Städte


Next activity on Fri 06.10.

Audio im Umschlag #12

Werkstattkonzerte mit Peter Eisold

On Sat 14.10.


An intermedial performance about skin and the intoxication of self-optimization

Next activity on Thu 16.11.

Audio im Umschlag #13

Mit dem Ensemble PART > ARENA 3 / KLINGS KLANG

On Sat 02.12.

Audio im Umschlag #14

Mit dem SALON K2 Ensemble

On Sat 16.12.