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Change your consciousness


18.08-09.09 OPEN AIR 18.08-09.09 OPEN AIR

The Theater an der Ruhr dedicates its season 23/24 to the theme of "intoxication" and explores all those conditions in which the boundaries of the ego blur and our consciousness changes.


Die Bakchen


Premiere: 18.08.23

Bromio (UA)

das unzerstörbare leben

Anagoor Ӏ Simone Derai und Marta Ciappina

Premiere: 19.08.23

Start at Raffelbergpark, we walk together to Ruhrorter Str.

Moby Dick. Die Jagd

Herman Melville

Premiere: 24.08.23

Ich, Antonin Artaud – Le Mômo (UA)

Based on texts by Antonin Artaud

Premiere: 31.08.23

Sufi Dub Brothers

Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek

Passione Assoluta

In the frenzy of Italian opera

The Düsseldorf Düsterboys

Pedro Goncalves Crescenti & Peter Rubel

Endorphin Session

Workshop with Bettina Nampé and Christopher Collings

Endorphin Session - Party

DJ Set mit Bettina Nampé und Christopher Collings


Moritz Anthes, Simon Camatta, Este Kirchhoff & Max Wehner

Party with DJ finsterNiz

aka Deniz Czempik

Party mit DJ Bedroc

aka Uwe Muschinski

Laughing Yoga

Workshop with Willi Hagemann

Psychedelic Breath®

Online-Workshop with Eva Kaczor

Enraptured Along the Wayside

A short herbal walk


The dancing, raucous, cruel god​

Compendium of psychoactive plants

Lecture with Kat Menschik and Jakob Hein

Therapeutischer „Trip“?

A new look at psychedelics

Feuer fangen

Performance of subbotnik

The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

Fairy tale

Start: 3 p.m.

Free entrance!

How Can I Forget Myself?

Video exhibition


Kinetic audio distillation system by the RaumZeitPiraten

Hymns to the Night

A nocturnal performance by and with Joshua Zilinske

Zabriskie Point

Interactive video installation by Fabian Raith

Drum Workshop

With Mülheim primary school pupils

Start: 4 p.m.

Free entrance!

On Sat 26.08.

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