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23.08-14.09 23.08-14.09

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The theater is also pursuing its new concept in 2024/25 and is once again inviting audiences to three intensive theater islands over the course of the next season. During this time, all productions and programs will revolve around the theme of “SECRET”, which extends from the intimate to the political sphere.



Sophokles / Roland Schimmelpfennig

Premiere on Fri 23.08.

Bock (UA)

Based on the book of the same name by Katja Lewina, in a version by Glossy Pain


Premiere on Sat 24.08.

Curiosity didn´t kill the cat

Next activity on Fri 23.08.

Opening Party with Risto

On Fri 23.08.

NuklearNektar Bar

Interaktive Laborküche
RaumZeitPiraten & Kara Handgraaf

Next activity on Sat 24.08.

Der Tod ist ein einsames Geschäft

Dark readings with Maria Neumann

Next activity on Sat 24.08.

Deciphering body language

With Ruth Hengel

On Sun 25.08.

Jahrmarkt der Vernunft

Ein magischer Psychozirkus mit Propheten, Tricksern und Experten

On Thu 29.08.


With Manuel Muerte

On Fri 30.08.

Ödipus und das Geheimnis

Lecture and discussion with Michael B. Buchholz

On Fri 30.08.

Illusionen - Eine magische Entzauberung

Lecture Performance with Manuel Muerte

On Fri 30.08.

Ein Blick hinter die Maske

An introduction to theatrical mask play with Mats Süthoff

Next activity on Sat 31.08.

Was ist der Mensch?

Vortrag und Gespräch mit Peter Leitzen

On Sat 31.08.


Short movie - premier

On Sat 31.08.

Talk to me!

Interview with Katrin Hinrichs, clinical sexologist, author and podcaster

On Sun 01.09.

The Kings of Dubrock


On Fri 06.09.

Parole Transparenz # 1 Digitale Ausbeutung

Guest at this discourse: Johannes Caspar 

On Sat 07.09.

Eye Gazing

Workshop with Zelal Kisin

Next activity on Sat 07.09.

Mysterious theater course


On Sun 08.09.

Guided theater tours

Open Monument Day

Next activity on Sun 08.09.

Forgotten stories

With Erich Bocklenberg und Heiner Schmitz

On Sun 08.09.

Anthony Hüseyin


On Fri 13.09.

The Birth of a Nation: Superpowers Edition 2024

A Drag Performance

On Sat 14.09.

Finissage & Abschlussparty

With Joreng Boi (Hyemin Jung) and Rroni

On Sat 14.09.

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