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Die Schmutzigen Hände

Jean-Paul Sartre

A conspiratorial audio walk in front of the vier.zentrale (outside).

Sartre's text from 1948 seems like a current political thriller today: a young, radicalized political activist - disgusted by compromise - offers to kill Höderer, the party secretary, who wants to make a pact with conservative forces. But Höderer fascinates him, almost convinces him that politics should be done for the sake of living people, not abstract principles. - The old questions about the relationship between idealism and pragmatism, the political and the private tighten like a noose: Principles, admiration, friendship, doubt, recognition, fear, love, power, jealousy....

Equipped with headphones, the audience - like eavesdroppers - comes extraordinarily close to the action. The "supervisors" become an influential part of a conspiratorial audio walk around the glass four.central - in the middle of the reality of the city. 



Leineweberstr. 15
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr



  • Toby Stöttner
  • Hannah Köhler
    Assistant Director