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Leonce und Lena

Georg Büchner

The question of what constitutes our ME, whether we have any free will at all, with all the foreign regulations we are given on our journey through life, moves the new production of Büchner's "Leonce and Lena" and also the column "Help, I'm becoming like my parents!" Is man an automaton? Do we have a chance to escape the preordained? Aren't we inevitably becoming like our fathers and mothers? Can we really do what WE want to do? Don't we ultimately function like programmed algorithms long ago?


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Georg Büchner's comedy is considered the "pearl of German comedy". The aesthetic and political mastermind of German literature, who died at an early age of only 23, creates a high-spirited play, infused with fine irony, between commedia dell'arte, Shakespeare and road movie. Leonce and Lena flee from each other without ever having met. But their flight leads them to each other. Love unites them in a kind of anarchic resistance against an ossified, senseless world that turns people into puppets, into automata: we have all clocks smashed, all calendars banned and count hours and moons only according to the flower clock, according to blossom and fruit...and a decree is issued that whoever works himself sick is criminally liable...

For the first time, Austrian director Philipp Preuss directs at the Theater an der Ruhr. Philipp Preuss was born in 1974 in Bregenz (Vorarlberg) and grew up in Vienna. He studied philosophy and theater in Vienna as well as directing and acting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He has been a freelance director since 2001. Productions at the Schauspielhaus Bochum, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Schauspiel Dortmund, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Schauspiel Leipzig, Schaubühne Berlin and Residenztheater Munich, among others. In addition, since 2000, exhibitions with fictional-virtual artist figures portrayed by actors. Exhibitions in Bregenz, Milan, Vienna and other cities. In addition, own plays, including Die Welt: Zellteilung im Zeitalter der Einzelhaft (UA, 2001, Burgtheater Vienna), McFamily oder Du glaubst nicht mehr an Dich als wärst Du Gott (UA, 2012, Kosmos Theater Bregenz), Warhola oder Gruppensex der Egoshooter (UA, 2013, Museum Moderner Kunst Frankfurt). Since the 2015/16 season in-house director at Schauspiel Leipzig. 2003 Awarded with the Förderpreis für bildende Kunst of the International Lake Constance Conference. 2005 Invitation of his production of Dantons Tod (2004, Schauspiel Frankfurt) to the Radikal-jung-Festival at the Munich Volkstheater. 2007 Awarded the Förderpreis des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen für junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler for his production of Hedda Gabler (2006, Theater Dortmund). 2012 Awarded the Audience Prize and the Youth Jury Prize at the NRW Theatertreffen for his production of Der Geizige (2011, Schlosstheater Moers), 2013 Invitation to the NRW Theatertreffen with Prometheus. No Light by Aeschylus/Elfriede Jelinek.



  • Philipp Preuss
  • Ramallah Aubrecht
  • Sven Schlötcke
  • Konny Keller
  • Kornelius Heidebrecht
  • Sarah Lena Tzscheppan
    Assistant director
  • Thorsten Scholz