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Labor I: Ein (neues) Drama

A film project for the love of theater

Director Betty Brecht dares an unusual experiment: she begins to develop a new drama with ten famous characters from different plays. But not all the characters are enthusiastic about the rehearsals and Betty's idea. Strange worlds collide and conflicts are inevitable. Is it possible to find common ground between Hamlet, Emilia Galotti and the others?

Make a film out of 10 plays!

Thanks to Corona, during the pandemic Lab I has developed into zooming experts, screenwriters and filmmakers. The studio stage at the Theater an der Ruhr was transformed into a film set and the result is a film that reflects our longing and joy for theater.

Expected film premiere: June 2021


Aimée Doms: Sleeping Beauty
Jonas Girod: Ferdinand
Fernando Hort: Silva Leonce
Lilly Jägers: Betty Brecht
Stephanie Kaczmarek: Julia
Christina Lei: Möbius
Noah Pasch: Claire Zachanassian
Jaimy Lee Rülling: Lysistrata
Charlotte Schmitz-Lenders: Emilia Galotti
Paula Schönberger: Tarragon
Emma Wenders: Hamlet

Artistic direction: Sarah Kranenpoot
Camera & lighting: Bekim Aliji
Script: Ensemble



Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr