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Jan Sobrie

In translation (from Dutch) by Eva Maria Pieper.

Classroom play for the 7th to the 10th grade
Titus is somehow nothing special, or so it seems to him. His father keeps forgetting him, his first love has left him. - Too many disappointments, too many losses. - Now he stands on the roof of the school and wants to jump. Doesn't make sense anymore anyway, does it? That's what he asks himself while he's standing up there and suddenly everyone is paying attention to him. In a rousing and humorous way, Jan Sobrie tells about the life of a teenager. True and untrue, beautiful and sad, funny and thoughtful combine to form a sensitive portrait. The play takes the audience very close to the feelings of young Titus, who finally finds answers for himself.


  • Helge Salnikau


  • Sven Schlötcke
  • Bekim Aliji