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Rûgeş Kırıcı
Guest performance of Teatra Jîyana Nû

A theatre group is rehearsing a Kurdish epic. The door of their small theatre room is sealed by the authorities. Therefore, they sneak into the theatre through a small window and rehearse there secretly. Their hope is to be able to rent another stage later to perform their play.
But they are not just any theatre group, they are a group performing in Kurdish and so no one wants to rent them a performance space for fear of reprisals from the state authorities.
Struggling with all these unfavourable circumstances for them, they find it difficult to concentrate on rehearsals, nothing really seems to work...Despite everything, acting is indispensable for them. For the stage offers them a free space where they can act in their mother tongue and be themselves.
be themselves.

In Kurdish with German surtitles.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.



  • Ferhad Feqi