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Anatomie eines Wortes / Der Ritt über den Bodensee

Anza Pamber, Peter Handke


In 1972, Peter Handke wrote "Ritt über den Bodensee" (Ride across Lake Constance), in which he lets linguistic metaphors and communication conventions run into the void, dismantles them and exposes the relationship between language and the exercise of power. Simone Thoma transposes this text, which belongs to Handke's "language pieces", into the world of advertisers. The WWDL agency, pressed for time and looking for inspiration and a catchy slogan for a new car model, discovers the long-lost, censored advertising film "Anatomy of a Word". The advertisers watch it and plunge into a crisis. Times of crisis are times of clowns. With acumen and humour, language and with it the balance of power are shaken.

In her new project, the director brings together acting, film (directed by Peter Wedel) and a modern fairy-tale opera composed by Matthias Flake (text by Roberto Ciulli) and in the process advertises a cause of its very own.

Cast Film: Laura van Meurs, Carl Grübel, Joshua Hupfauer, Susanne Blodt, Luise von Stein, Bernhard Glose, Matthias Flake

Kinderchor: Philine Beck, Josefine Brüggemann, Martha Flake, Therese Flake, Romi Rettenmeier, Helena Schimunek, Anton Stegbauer

A cooperation with the Folkwang University of the Arts.

Realized with Theaterpreis des Bundes.




Premiere: 02.09.2022


Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr



  • Simone Thoma
  • Adriana Kocijan
  • Elisabeth Strauß
  • Franz Dumcius
  • Suzana Schönwald
  • Kemal Kilicli
  • Lilly Kock
    Assistant Director
  • Julian Fock
    Assistant Director
  • Peter Wedel
    Film Director


Andrea Müller, WAZ

"As different as the three parts of the piece are, there is a parenthesis that connects everything. It is the word, the language. [...]. Language is used, but also misused.
The production makes this clear in the most diverse ways and becomes a versatile and stimulating evening of theater."

Dorothea Marcus, WDR5

"Beautiful and surreal is the aesthetics of the film, cynical comedy unfolds when at the end the tortured man has his rubber feet tied together hung around his neck, he looks liberated into the blue sky and is run over by the truck."