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Martin Kohlstedt (D)


Martin Kohlstedt lives and works in Weimar. His previous albums TAG, NACHT, STROM, STRÖME and FLUR and their companions in the form of reworks received international recognition and took the composer and pianist on concert tours all over the world.

Kohlstedt describes his way of working as modular composing; the pieces are constantly in motion and do not follow a fixed form even in concert. Improvisation is an obligatory part of the work of the musician born in 1988, as is eye level with the audience, the courage to fail and the interaction with space, people and context. In addition to his own pieces, Kohlstedt writes soundtracks for films, plays, podcasts and radio plays, runs his own label and tries to reconcile his work with sustainability and environmental awareness.

"The extremely minimal approach, the beauty in the detailed arranged figures, the sparse mathematical shaping of individual sequences become a pull. His music is time-lapse and super slow motion
in equal parts." ARD/SWR


Akazienallee 61
45478 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Fri 26.08. 19:30