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Ralph Hammerthaler´s Zeit für Zukunft #19

Das menschliche Maß (Postwachstumsökonomie)
​Guest: Niko Paech


If the forecasts are corrected downwards and growth actually collapses, Germany's economy will become unsettled. But this could also be an opportunity: things cannot go on as they are. We are living beyond our means. Material prosperity and the lifestyle that goes with it are reaching their limits. It no longer helps to close our eyes to the damaging effects on the climate, the environment and the stability of the global South, to debts that we are saddling future generations with. The Western world, each in its own right, suffers from "consumer congestion"; what continues to grow is waste. With verve, Niko Paech argues against the ideology of economic growth. He even considers green growth to be eyewash. Born in Schüttorf in 1960, Paech is an associate professor in the field of Plural Economics at the University of Siegen. "Sovereign is not who has much," he says, "but needs little." In his polemic "Liberation from Abundance", he outlines the path to a post-growth economy.


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