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Wer ist uns?

An interaktives Live-Voting on zoom

Extraterrestrial life has contacted Earth and is asking our planet to select a representative of humanity for intergalactic cooperation. Not an easy task, that's why science is forming worldwide control groups for the selection process. Congratulations dear audience: You belong to the control group 61 and may decide with which candidate should represent us in the universe. Which characteristics are important to you?

Together with media artist and director Caroline Schwarz, Theater an der Ruhr has developed a digital format that challenges existing gender perceptions.

Funded by: Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW, German Federal Cultural Foundation, dive-in program for digital interactions, Neustart Kultur. Friends of the Theater an der Ruhr




Frau Arinzeh - Inga Dietrich, Herr Lucocao - Norbert Stöß, Robert - Franz Liebig, Anais - Alessa Kordeck, Vivo - Eef Andriessen



Idee: Sarah Kranenpoot & Caroline Schwarz

Konzeption: Daniel Morais dos Santos Bruss, Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss, Sarah Kranenpoot, Caroline Schwarz

Künstlerische Leitung: Caroline Schwarz

Projektleitung: Sarah Kranenpoot

Drehbuch: Daniel Morais dos Santos Bruss & Caroline Schwarz

Gender Studies: Sara Morais dos Santos Bruss

Produktionsleitung Berlin: Milena Krmek

Kamera: Alina Albrecht

Kostümbild: Marie-Luise Wolf

Maskenbild: Antonia Hauser

Licht: Christopher Keohane & Eyad Alshaar

Ton: Nils Plambeck

Kameraassistenz: Leo-Konrad Kuhn

Set Runner: Kaichen Li

Sounddesign: Jannis Ahnert

Grading: Sergi Sanchez Rodriguez 

VFX: Ralf Litzka & Caroline Schwarz

Theaterpädagogik/ Vermittlung: Sarah Kranenpoot


Registration and request to Sarah Kranenpoot