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Rum Diary

An online live series after Hunter S. Thompson

You can reach the live performance on the day of the event at: dringeblieben.de

The US-American author Hunter S. Thompson describes the downside of the American Dream in the 60s. A dream of freedom that ends in greed and drug excesses: Reality and cerebral fantasies intermingle. Based on these experiences, Thompson develops his own style: gonzo journalism, which combines real research - i.e. experience of reality - and fiction. Reality escape today as well: conspiracy theories, image storms and fake news dominate the digital space and increasingly our perception. And the dream of freedom is also being dreamed on the Internet today: anyone can become rich, whether through Bitcoins or as an influencer.

Inspired by Thompson's way of looking at things, we go on the streets of the Potts in search of the dream of freedom in this reality. Thus, short docu-fictional, cinematic rambles loosely based on Hunter.S Thompson are created.

Funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


"Reading gonzo journalism an instruction manual"

Take a syringe that holds just under half a liter, with a needle about twenty centimeters long (of the sort used for back treatments and for inoculating bulls).
Fill it with Rum, Tequila or Wild Turkey & put a shot in your navel to inject the entire contents directly into your stomach. This will result in a fantastic high, a three-quarter hour high - enough time to read the entire saga.
Read the whole thing through in one go, quickly and from beginning to end, preferably in a large room with speakers, amplifiers & other suitable equipment. There should also be a large fire in this room, ideally in an open fireplace & this fire is allowed to get almost out of control. (Alternatively: hot bathtub & vibrator)



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  • Toby Stöttner

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