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Das Märchen von der kleinen Meerjungfrau

Roland Schimmelpfennig
​Theater Heidelberg

A girl and two boys, angry and desperate, tell their story. They are desperate because their situation does not offer them any future worth living, except the constant worry about food and water. Angry because, like unwanted ballast, they feel forgotten, unnoticed, as if erased. They stand on the beach and look longingly at the horizon. The girl wants to get away from here. She dreams of a place deep under the sea. Of a shining city where everything is better. A kingdom full of abundance and she would be the princess, a real mermaid. Only, how are they going to get there? Maybe the witch who lives just behind the dilapidated factory can help?
(Werner Mink)

KinderStücke 2023


65 minutes


Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr