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Fast genial

Nach dem Roman von Benedict Wells

Gastspiel des Staatstheater Mainz 

Francis' path seems preordained. After his stepfather and half-brother leave the family, he lives with his mentally ill mother in a trailer park near Claymont. Money problems and his mother's hospitalizations dominate his life, and at school he is in danger of losing touch for good. He is convinced that he will live the life of a loser. Until one day he learns the truth about his father. His mother was artificially inseminated with the help of a gifted sperm bank and Francis is the son of a brilliant scientist from Harvard ...

Together with his best friend Grover and the mysterious and unstable Anne-May, Francis sets off on a wild road trip through the USA to find his father and thus finally an answer to the question of his own identity.

The author Benedict Wells was awarded the German Youth Literature Prize in 2022.

The ZwischenStücke are a cooperation of the Mülheimer Theatertage with the Theater an der Ruhr and the city library.



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