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Reine Formsache (UA)

Mudar Alhaggi and Team

In the play REINE FORMSACHE we experience two Syrian theater actors who have been living in Europe for several years. They share a space and a story as time passes. What are we doing now and what will we represent? Can we continue to play? They use their presence on stage and involve the audience in their space - the play unfolds and begins with the question, WHAT IF:

What if the actress decided to return to Syria and was stopped at the border, where the actor plays the role of an eccentric officer who interrogates her? As the play unfolds, we wonder who is on stage. Is this interrogation really possible? Is the interrogator questioning the political views of the actress? Or is a representative of the young generation questioning his former teacher and role model? Where does the actress really want to go and what is left of this place? Can she retell the story and what has remained of it over time?

During the interrogation, the actress recalls some of the scenes that influenced her or that intersected with her life. We follow her theatrical life from its beginnings in the 1980s in Damascus to the moment she is on stage at the Theater an der Ruhr. In parallel, the story is told of a country that has been exposed to violent political events. The latest of these is the revolution and the war that continues to this day. The play REINE FORMSACHE raises questions about memory and politics with the means of theater and acting.

In Arabic with German surtitles.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Federal Cultural Foundation.



Theater an der Ruhr
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