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Audio im Umschlag #13

Mit dem Ensemble PART > ARENA 3 / KLINGS KLANG

Music and spoken word performance focusing on the literary work of Thomas Kling (1957-2005), who died at an early age. Thomas Kling has described his work as a "reality mix", which will serve as a guiding principle for the musical-performative realization. KLINGS KLANG is part of the multi-part event series Ensemble PART > ARENA, which combines different thematic focuses and elements: composed music, new dance, physical theater, literature, installation, improvisation. The title of the series, ARENA, with its connotation of a public sports competition, is here metaphorically transferred to a competition and exchange of artistic disciplines. Each ARENA evening is given a special accent through the collaboration with prominent guests from the various branches of music and the performing arts.

With: Valentin Stroh (text performance & recitation & objects), Evelin Degen (flutes & objects), Matthias Geuting (keys & objects), Peter Eisold (percussion & electronics & composition & objects)

Sponsored by the City of Mülheim/Kultursekretariat Wuppertal/Kunststiftung NRW/Sparkassenstiftung Mülheim