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The art course can be accessed parallel to the events.


Interactive laboratory kitchen of the  RaumZeitPiraten & Kara Handgraaf

The walk-in, expansive installation invites you to linger among the peculiar elixirs that are offered as a drink. Here a different kind of intoxication is brewing, a self-generating soundscape wafts through the room, mixing with drops of an unknown essence, the scraping of a stirring stick in a viscous substance, the bubbling of liquids in glass flasks and stills.
In this laboratory kitchen, unusual ingredients are mixed together in confusing combinations to create a nuclear nectar. Visual, auditory and olfactory stimuli give visitors a substantial break.

Date & location: every Friday to Sunday in the artistic operations office on the ground floor

Speaking in Tongues
Video installation by Aernout Mik

The video installation addresses forms of ecstasy in new religious movements and in the context of neoliberal business worlds. Among other things, it collects documentary recordings of the rites and meetings of Pentecostal communities in various parts of the world and traces their promises of salvation. We show an excerpt from this work.

Date & location: daily on the 1st floor of the stairwell

Courtesy carlier | gebauer, Berlin
Commissioned by and produced for Global Prayers. Produced with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Capital Culture Fund Berlin, The Haus der Kulturen der Welt as well with the kind co-operation of metroZones-Center for Urban Affairs.

Prayer machine
An auditory installation by Oliver Sturm

The prayer machine is the smallest form of spiritual space. Intended for train stations, airports, rest stops and other public places, it offers an opportunity for inner contemplation. Prayers from the major world religions and numerous other faiths and religious communities may even enable a little religious ecstasy at this retreat.

Location: in the foyer of the Theater an der Ruhr


VR installation by Laurenz Ulrich x MIREVI

The 180° installation takes visitors on a digital dream journey into a theater hall that is gradually dissolving, the model of which is the Theater an der Ruhr. As in a lucid dream shortly before awakening, you move through a point cloud of the building, see ghostly people on the stage, hear voices of past performances and become aware of the fleetingness of sensory experiences.

Date & location: daily on the 2nd floor of the stairwell



The indestructible memory


Photogrammetric memory archive of the physical, psychic and spiritual forms assumed by the performers* in trance during the performance BROMIO.

Anagoor creates a digital archive of BROMIO the indestructible living, an installation conceived as a triptych of three wings, an immaterial memory of the performance performed in August and September 2023 at the Theater an der Ruhr as part of the festival Rausch 1.

A video work conceived as a series of portraits of the performers* of BROMIO as they individually perform the movement patterns and scores that describe the ecstasy at the core of the performance. A kind of catalog of bodies in motion, where the ecstatic climax is no longer reproduced by the power of the collective mass, but can be observed in the individual tearing.

The photogrammetric image reproduces an unsettling emotional grain, like the specter of a psychic rupture underlying the movement of a body in space, the loss of the limits of one's physical form towards an inner sublimation: a suddenly visible trace of what is normally not registered by our eyes.

The three wings of the triptych thus work together in the common goal of evoking the invisible without contradicting the core of theatrical art, which is to reveal the invisible through poetic power. They represent the duplicity of the Dionysian mask, the convex and smiling part and the hollow part, the void that only absorbs forces.

In front of the triptych is an iPad. Each viewer has the possibility to manipulate the observation point and explore the space inside and outside the body in motion, looking for the invisible and observing the crack.

Creation Anagoor
Simone Derai, concept and direction
Giulio Favotto, photography
Mauro Martinuz, sound design
Marek Simonik, App Development

Date & place: daily on the ground floor of the staircase



Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr