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Ich, Antonin Artaud - Der wilde Harlekin (DEA)

Nach Louis-François Delisle de la Drevetière

Translation and Editing: Leopold von Verschuer

"A frenzy of images, cheers and standing ovations for the premiere of the second Artaud play by the master director". (WAZ)

Antonin Artaud as director and performer of a play, that confronts him in the intoxication of the early 18th century.
Among the Tarahumaras in Mexico, for him a people of born philosophers, a few years earlier, before he was forced to make the journey through various psychiatric psychiatric hospitals.
In 1704, the "Dialogues of the Baron de Lahontan with a Savage in America" was published in France in 1704. was widely received in its time and served as an inspiration for the the commedia dell'arte play "The Wild Harlequin", first performed in 1721 at the Comédie Italienne in Paris.
The "Wild Harlequin" reacts directly to the Europeans who are corsetted Europeans, whose idea of freedom has long been freedom had long since been suffocated by that of property. This play, unknown today, is an early critique of civilization about the repression of the bourgeois world world and comedically exposes this etiquette, norms and attitudes against which Artaud would two hundred years later. Roberto Ciulli's "wild harlequin" interweaves his continued confrontation with Antonin Artaud with a forgotten success of the early Enlightenment.

With textes by: Antonin Artaud, Baron de Lahontan und Leopold von Verschuer



Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr



  • Roberto Ciulli
  • Elisabeth Strauß
    Stage Design / Costumes
  • Helmut Schäfer
  • Adriana Kocijan
    Sound Design
  • Jochen Jahncke
    Light Design
  • Dijana Brnić
    Assistent Director
  • Sihang Zhang
  • Suzana Schönwald
  • Sylvia Dürnhöfer

Introduction "Ich Antonin Artaud - Der wilde Harlekin"

Talk with Roberto Ciulli and Helmut Schäfer.

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Die Deutsche Bühne, Martina Jacobi

"What Roberto Ciulli and the ensemble bring so powerfully to the stage works through the visual language alone"

"All of this [...] is presented on stage in such an insane and effective way [...]. Feelings want to burst out just watching"


WAZ, Jens Dirksen

"A frenzy of images, cheers and standing ovations at the Theater an der Ruhr for the premiere of the second Artaud play by the master director"


Night Critic, Martin Krumbholz

"So much dramaturgy is needed to appreciate a grandiose evening that makes theater lovers laugh their hearts out because it not only ignites intellectually (as the first evening did), but also quotes and makes use of original theatrical means, such as those so generously provided by the Commedia with its profound punchline wit"


Ruhrnachrichten, Klaus Stübler

"All in all, Roberto Ciulli shows once again how effectively he is able to create an inspiring and entertaining evening of theater with economical theatrical means and a great ensemble. Simply enchanting"