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Was weg ist, ist weg? (UA)

A collective exercise in letting go of subbotnik

"Farewell? It can also be very enjoyable, here it's downright artistic" (WAZ)

subbotnik transform the foyer of the theater into a meeting space and invite you to a special, theatrical celebration that ranges from a "carnivalesque" fire ritual to idiosyncratic, bizarre situations, musical interventions and warming moments in community. The so-called "Nubbel", scapegoats made of straw, which are burnt on large pyres at the end of the Cologne carnival to leave the sins of intoxication behind, are the starting point for a celebration of community and letting go. subbotnik ask people in advance what in their city, in their lives, should have been put into the "fire" long ago? What has to go so that something new can emerge? What do our fantasies look like that can emerge from the ashes? Become part of the community and join us in a celebration of farewells and new beginnings!

"Was weg ist, ist weg" was created in collaboration with the theater choir of the Petrikirche: Elvira Hermann, Lonny Hermann, Petra Lassau, Susanne Degenhardt, Elisa Küppers, Nicola Küppers, Lisa Zimmermann, Vanessa Neutsch, Christina Falkenroth, Nea Khalo, Christopher Rupprecht, Wolf-Dieter Zimmermann, Gijs Burger

The production is part of the long-term project "Haus / Doma", in which subbotnik is rethinking the motif of the house as an image for social coexistence over a period of three years.

The fire festival will also take place partly in Raffelbergpark. Please bring weatherproof clothing. A good atmosphere, music and catering will be provided. You can also bring your own food to share if you wish!





  • Nadja Duesterberg
    Performance, Text, Music
  • Kornelius Heidebrecht
    Performance, Text, Music
  • Jasmina Musić
    Performance, Text, Music
  • Maria Trautmann
    Performance, Text, Music
  • Oleg Zhukov
    Performance, Text, Music
  • In Zusammenarbeit mit:
    Choir of Petrikirche


  • subbotnik
  • Jakob Engel
    Props and Costumes
  • Hannah Köhler und Lara Marquardt


  • CBplayer 1.7.0


WAZ, Anja Bölling

"Farewell? It can also be very enjoyable, here it's downright artistic"