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International Music


"If I knew what was in this box, I'd kiss you, the Prince of Metternich", with these lines begins the journey into the "Ententraum" - the latest album from "International Music". Not only the fantastically dreamlike lyrics of the Essen-based trio, but also the sounds of this psychedelic rock trip lasting more than an hour sound surreal: as if the Beatles had sought their inspiration for the White Album not only in India, but also from a Scottish bagpipe virtuoso. Following the visit of Peter Rubel and Pedro Goncalves Crescenti aka "The Düsseldorf Düsterboys" to RAUSCH 1 in Raffelbergpark in summer 2023, we are now delighted to welcome the three-piece combo "International Music", joined by Joel Roters - in great anticipation of dreams of all kinds...