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Who or what is Hilde? A person? An idea? A sound? A band? A combination of all these components? In search of Hilde, we come across singer Marie Daniels, violinist Julia Brüssel, trombonist Maria Trautmann and cellist Emily Wittbrodt in the middle of the Ruhr area. They met in the large collective "The Dorf" and caused a stir under the name Hilde with their first album "Open" back in 2020. In their second album "Tide", the uninhibited playing of their debut gives way to a clear commitment to beauty and lingering in sound.
Without letting themselves fall out of the present, they invoke numerous classical song and music forms in order to lead back to the attitude to life of contemporary pop music in a wide arc. Hilde evokes impressive and emphatic sound images and leads us through imaginary memories to a new image of reality.