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Wie wollen wir leben?

Time for a new awareness.

Gerhard Gründer, Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Medication relieves pain, regulates our blood pressure and metabolism, anaesthetizes us, stimulates us - and is undoubtedly a great helper in the fight against illness. But why are drugs prescribed for depression or so-called "diseases of civilization" on the rise? A tragedy such as the opioid crisis in the USA, which has led countless people into addiction, also clearly shows that there is not only helplessness in the medical sense, but that something fundamental has gone awry in social interaction.

Gerhard Gründer is a professor at the University of Heidelberg and heads the Department of Molecular Neuroimaging at the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim. In his book "How do we want to live? We decide our own future" (Springer 2020), the psychiatrist and psychotherapist calls for a rethink of how we deal with medication and draws attention to the fact that people should perceive themselves more as active shapers of their living conditions. A plea for more awareness in being.




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