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Traum & Bewusstsein

Guest: Stefan Klein, science journalist and author

When intoxicated, we transcend the barriers of our everyday consciousness - but not only under the sign of debauchery or after long mental exercise do we reach the border regions of our consciousness, but in a very simple way: as soon as we close our eyes at night, we enter the realm of dreams, in which we can walk through fantastic spaces, have undreamt-of abilities or experience ourselves as someone else.
We talk to the well-known science journalist Stefan Klein, author of the book "Träume. A journey into our inner reality" (S. Fischer 2014), about the function and physiology of dreaming, its exploration using modern scientific methods, about lucid dreaming, but also about the fact that we never don't dream - and that dreams, in which we spend around a third of our lives, must be understood as an essential and fascinating part of our ego. An inner terrain that is worth mapping.

With the kind support of the Friends of the Theater an der Ruhr.