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Cimabues Weg nach Rom

Lecture Performance von Gernot Wieland

The artist and director Gernot Wieland, whose video installation "Ink in Milk" can be seen as part of our art tour, also devotes himself to intoxication in his lecture performance "Cimabue's Way to Rome": accompanied and guided by mythical figures, childhood heroes, linguistic associations, traditional experiences and psychological depths, he sets out to investigate a state in which the "superego" dissolves for a time. What can thus find expression in intoxication are dark, repressed feelings of guilt, repression and powerlessness, but also the ambivalence of our culture towards loss of control.

Wieland's new film "The Perfect Square" celebrated its world premiere at this year's Berlinale. He worked for twelve years with an animal trainer who taught birds to fly in circles or squares. The film initially focuses on the birds - their flying in and out, the fleeting nature of the attempt to capture flying birds in the image reinforces the desire to check whether the birds are actually flying in circles. While the indexical image captured by the camera testifies to the difficulty of teaching the birds to do something on command, the title of the work itself evokes the intellectual purity of geometric forms, considered by analytical philosophy to be superior to describe the laws of nature. All this implies that beings that disobey a command could be a definition of an "other".

The film also refers to an experimental investigation conducted by Kandinsky in 1923. He had assumed that there are direct correspondences between primary colors (yellow, red, blue) and shapes (triangle, square, circle). In this way, The Perfect Square explores the question of how aesthetic and social norms influence and control our society and our artistic creations as well as the Western view of the world