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Tanzperformance of .Dencuentro

With SINP'A, the dance collective Dencuentro opens up the space for the emergence of a community that embraces, recognizes and celebrates forms of encounter and confrontation in equal measure. The work is inspired by the ritual of Tinku in Macha, Bolivia, which the three dancers in the collective have visited several times. The term tinku can be understood in Quechua as "encounter" and in Aymara as "physical attack". In this sense, the ritual unfolds in a field of tension between festivity and care, calm and aggression, meeting and fighting. From these elements, the collective dancers develop an evocation of bodies, traditions and lifeworlds, blurring the poles of I and We.

A ticket is required to attend the dance performance (€ 15,-, reduced € 9,-).





  • Constanza Ruiz Campusano
    Choreography, Performance, Artistic Direction
  • Amanda Romero Canepa
    Choreography, Performance, Artistic Direction
  • Greta Salgado Kudrass
    Choreography, Performance, Artistic Direction
  • Alexander Ernst
  • Carlos Auza
    Music composition
  • Lena Kremer
  • Philipp Naujoks
    Technical management and Lighting Design
  • Benjamin Adams
    Live Sound Mix
  • Christina Hanich
    Production management