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Tanz der Derwische

Mohammad Saado Kharouf

In the tradition of Sufism, the dervish or spinning dance is a means of drawing closer to God. Today
Today it is also taught as a dance form in very secular contexts, but without losing its spiritual dimension. Regardless of the context, the continuous rotation can train the body's deep sensitivity, but can also lead to a state of trance in which the perception of space and time changes. The two-hour workshop will be led by actor, dancer and dervish dance teacher Mohammad Saado Kharouf, who has already performed as part of RAUSCH 2. Accompanied by the musicians Mohammed Tamin (Daf) and Yamam Suheim (Kanun), he will teach the basics of the spinning dance. At the end there will be a short presentation of what has been learned. No previous knowledge is necessary.

Note: If you want to take part in the workshop, you should not eat anything two hours beforehand. Preferably bring comfortable clothing and sports shoes.

Limited seating capacity. Please register at the theater box office on the day of the event.