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Mazel Freten

The RuhrBühnen*Spezial invites you to experience the captivating world of theater in the Ruhr region in all its diversity. Every month from April 2024, you will have the opportunity to discover the theaters and festivals of the RuhrBühnen network at a discounted price. Set off and discover the cultural diversity of the Ruhr metropolis beyond your own city limits!

Every month, one stage takes center stage and presents one of its impressive performances at a particularly attractive price of a maximum of 15 euros.

Artistic direction and choreography: Brandon Masele and Laura Defretin
German premiere

For € 15,- on the RuhrBühnen*Spezial day at the Ruhrfestspiele.

She is a hip-hop dancer, he is an electro dancer and world champion in this discipline. Laura Defretin and Brandon Masele founded the company MazelFreten together. Since 2016, they have been combining electro and hip-hop culture in their choreographies and creating their very own, unmistakable movement language. In addition to their own shows, the duo also regularly develop choreographies for music videos, advertising campaigns and haute couture shows by major fashion brands.

"Spontaneous, committed and visceral" are the words Defretin and Masele use to describe their work, which is largely inspired by the world of battles. Their shows are not only celebrated in France, but also go on tour throughout Europe and reach a wide audience.

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