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Tragic Magic Today oder: Was machen Schnecken, wenn sie sich erschrecken?

Guest performance by Pinsker+Bernhardt // Relaxed Performance

From 6 years


This performance is all about change. Everything around us feels constantly new and different. What if I want everything to stay the same, just as it is now?

Tragic Magic Today is the new dryly absurd performance by the duo PINSKER+BERNHARDT. A well-rehearsed band of objects and people perform their song. It's the best song, everyone loves it and wants to play it again and again. But that doesn't change the fact that change is just around the corner... 

Janna Pinsker and Wickie Bernhardt won the 2023 German Theater Award DER FAUST in the category "Performers in Theatre for Young Audiences" and are performing for the first time in Mülheim at the Theater an der Ruhr. Musical, humorous and approachable, they dedicate their new performance to everyone who loves or loathes change. And to all those who only realize afterwards that the change was already there.


Tue, 04.06.2024 at 5 pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Large stage, Theater an der Ruhr, Akazienallee 61, 45478 Mülheim

9.00 euros adults/ 6.00 euros reduced


We are offering the afternoon performance of "Tragic Magic Today" on Tue, 04.06. at 5 pm as a Relaxed Performance for an inclusive audience and for all those who would like to experience the play in a particularly relaxed atmosphere. To this end, we are relaxing the invisible rules of conduct to make the theater visit more accessible for everyone:

  • Early admission from 16:40 to allow people to familiarize themselves with the space at their leisure
  • The theater hall can be left and re-entered during the performance
  • The lights in the theater are not completely dimmed
  • Noises and movements from the audience are expressly permitted
  • Alternative seating options, such as mats and beanbags

We would like to thank the Verein zur Förderung des Theater an der Ruhr e.V. for funding this special Relaxed Performance event.



Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr