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Who hasn't experienced the feeling of being "slowed down"? What factors slow us down and how can we remove "brake blocks" to enable positive personal development? 10 pupils with special needs and 8 members of the VolXbühne and the Mülheim musician Peter Eisold use personal stories, live music and video screenings on stage to explore the analogy between the physical phenomenon of "braking force" and their own lives. 

The project and the VolXbühne are supported by Kulturrucksack NRW, the Beisheim Foundation and MEG - Mülheimer Entsorgungsgesellschaft.

With: Adelheid Borgmann, Alexandra Merz, Andrea Strunk, Anna Schwade, Ben Adamek, Bruno Kichhof, Frieder Kornfeld, Hassan Chonman, Kani Ayenbzadeh, Karin Oeser, Katrin Stelzer, Lavina Bargatzky, Lena Wiedl, Maja Skenbitz, Marie Benkenstein, Nico Sitianus, Sivilai Mannan, live music: Peter Eisold

Artistic direction/director: Jörg Fürst 
Musical direction: Peter Eisold
Costumes: Monika Odenthal
Video screening/video documentation: Susann Martin
Technical direction: Dirk Lohmann 
Production & PR: Martina Krall
Layout: molter&sartor, Düsseldorf



28.06 & 29.06, 07:30 pm


In the Volxbühne
Adolfstr. 89A
45468 Mülheim an der Ruhr