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Europa oder die Träume des Dritten Reichs (UA)

Lars von Trier, Charlotte Beradt

Cancelled due to illness

No, not hour zero, the illusionary one, the clock continued to tick, at least the historical one, there could be no talk of a new beginning. As a sleeping car conductor, the young German-American Leopold Kessler travels through the surreal Germany of the post-war period, past devastated towns and landscapes full of dreariness. As if in a dream, he marries into the family of the director of his railroad company and suddenly finds himself in the midst of former Nazis, groups of werewolves who are still not immune to the virus of the past and refuse to accept that the war was lost. The virus lives on. 

The evening interlocks Lars von Trier's films "Europa", "Epidemic" and Charlotte Beradt's collection of texts "Das Dritte Reich des Traums" into a nightmarish interrogation of our present. History as fiction, fiction as history, Nazis and the plague as eternal revenants. A train ride into our past of the future of the past. A theatrical hypnosis.

"You want to wake up to free yourself from the delusion of Europe. But that's not possible."

Funded within the framework of NEUE WEGE by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW in cooperation with the NRW KULTURsekretariat.





Theater an der Ruhr
Akazienallee 61
45478 Theater an der Ruhr



  • Philipp Preuss
  • Helmut Schäfer
  • Konny Keller
  • Sara Aubrecht
  • Kornelius Heidebrecht
  • Eva Karobath
  • Toby Stöttner
  • Jochen Jahncke
  • Franz Dumcius
  • Svea Menne