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Onkel Wanja. Into the trees

Anton Tschechow

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Did Anton Chekhov foresee a climate crisis as early as 1896? In that year, his play text "Onkel Wanja" was published and Astrov, as Chekhov's doctor, expressed himself in it as follows: "Forests are disappearing, rivers are drying up, wildlife is dying, the climate is worsening, and the earth is becoming poorer and uglier." Chekhov describes a society of disinterested people who revolve around themselves and banish all conceivable projects to a distant future despite their own visible decay. They not only accept unhappiness, it is their Sunday dress that adorns them, an expression of their individuality, which, however, never pushes them to action.
You will see a production that uses video projections to cover the entire theater, but the voices of the actors will be very close to the audience thanks to headphones.






  • Philipp Preuss
  • Ramallah Aubrecht
  • Eva Karobath
  • Helmut Schäfer
  • Alain Croubalian
  • Konny Keller
  • Jochen Jahncke
  • Uwe Muschinski
  • Franz Dumcius
  • Toby Stöttner