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At the center of the programme are the supposed certainties of the ego - and thus the instance that is both shaken and stabilized, dissolved and expanded in the whole range of intoxicatingly experienceable states and situations, but is also brought to itself. The ends of this ego range from delusion to personal identity, from individuality to community, from strangeness to celebration - and these poles are addressed, played
around and questioned again in RAUSCH 3.

Roberto Ciulli's interweaving of his Artaud project with the early Enlightenment box office hit "Ich, Antonin Artaud - Der wilde Harlekin"; Philipp Preuss' play with the multiplication of identity in Kleist's "Amphitryon"; subbotnik's community foundation through the festival performance "Was weg ist, ist weg?"; and the reprise of "Escaping Heldenplatz" by the group KGI. Some old acquaintances from the RAUSCH 1 and 2 programs, as well as new guests, will also ensure this.And finally, you make sure of it: with your visit, RAUSCH 3 becomes a great, shared, rich and resonant experience.