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Dear audience,

We are pleased that most of the Corona-related restrictions will be lifted, finally making the theatre more accessible to all. However, we remain cautious to further protect the health of all of us and to help ensure that a future wave does not force us to impose more extensive restrictions again. 

Therefore, we still strongly recommend wearing a mouth-nose protection. All other access restrictions, on the other hand, have been lifted!
Against the background of the current infection figures and the high infectiousness of the prevailing variant, we continue to try to ensure that seats are as far apart as possible. Our ventilation systems also meet a high standard and have been certified by the DTHG (German Theatre Technology Society) under pandemic aspects. So the theatre remains a very safe place for everyone!

For performances of "Der Untergang der Titanic" and "Unterwerfung / Gegen den Strich", which create unusual space situations with an already reduced number of seats, we will use a denser seating arrangement.

We also understand our audience members who, in view of the very high numbers of infections, continue to refrain from attending the theatre in order to avoid contagion.