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Ink in Milk and Dream One

Ink in Milk
By Gernot Wieland

In twelve minutes, director Gernot Wieland unfolds an entire life: In his own sketches, metaphor-rich image sequences, drawings and sculptures, he resurrects the disturbing, Kafkaesque world of a childhood, tells of the dark in the light, of being different, of shame and imitation, of an absurd reality that at times seems to dissolve into the surreal, of the illness of schizophrenia, which is the creative principle here, splitting up experienced realities and reassembling them anew. The multi-layered narrative reveals both the building blocks of a child's world and the hidden ruins of the collective psyche. What holds them together is the fundamental wonderment about how we got here.
Location: Stairwell, 1st floor

Dream One
By Santiago Mostyn

A slender mushroom grows slowly towards the top of the picture. When it reaches its full height, the mushroom begins to collapse under the weight of its own cap. In Santiago Mostyn's video work, images of nature alternate with portraits of three black, English-speaking narrators. Together, their voices form that of the poet Derek Walcott, who tells a story about a "douen", a childlike, ghostly creature from Trinidad known for luring children deep into the forest. A boy from the Arawak tribe later emerges from the forest and speaks to us in Lokono, a language spoken by the indigenous people when they first encountered the Europeans. The rhythmic images create a meditative, intoxicating pull. Political and universal themes such as rootlessness and homeland, people/culture and nature, connectedness and disconnectedness come together here and create a language, as it were, for what remains hidden. "Dream One" was filmed in Trinidad, where Santiago Mostyn grew up.

Location: Studiobühne, 1st floor
Only from 01. - 17.03.



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