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William Shakespeare

Unnoticed by society, Othello and Desdemona have married, the dark-skinned general and the daughter of a wealthy Venetian senator. It is not his skin color alone that excludes Othello from Shakespearean society, but his foreignness. Him, the successful general of Venice. Venice became his home, he trusts the rules and customs of this city. But this trust is abruptly shattered when his subordinate Iago whispers to him that Desdemona is unfaithful to him. Trust turns into mistrust and awakens those affects that scare away every clear thought and turn it into jealousy. Jealousy of Desdemona, or of the status that members of Venetian society possess by birth. Like all intrigues, that of the "populist" Iago generates the domination of suspicion, to which the suspected cannot resist and even less so when they do not even know that they are subject to suspicion.



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